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  • Welding and assembly works


    Welding and assembly works of installations and devices from stainless steel and carbon steel:

    • Product transmission installations (beer, wine, high-proof spirits, milk, powdery products, mineral waters, juices and beverages, chocolate etc.)
    • Technical installations (steam, condensate, ice water, pressured air, CO2, etc.)
    • Assembly of tanks and brew house devices, filtrations, syrup products, evaporators, CIP stations, powder ducts, water treatment stations, silos etc.)
  • Prefabrication and assembly of supporting structures


    Prefabrication and assembly of supporting structures, service platforms, stairs, banisters and others from stainless and carbon steel

  • Complex assembly of can plants


    Complex assembly of can plants, bottling plants, KEG, PET and carton conveyors etc. (beer, other alcoholic beverages, mineral water, juices, beverages, milk etc.)

  • Industrial automation


    Automation of manufacturing processes and technological processes.

  • Renovation works of bottling lines


    Renovation works, modernization of bottling line machines and devices. Monoblock, labeller, palletizer etc.

  • Disassembly and relocation of the devices



    Disassembly and relocation of devices and industrial lines installations.


  • Cold and warm insulation


    Cold and warm insulation of installations and tanks from stainless steel.

  • Workshop area


    Workshop area lets us prefabricate installation parts and deliver it to assembly place:

    • Switch panels
    • Small CIP stations
    • Pump sets
    • Agitating sets
    • Pipe exchangers
    • Pipelines slides
    • Service platforms
    • Pipeline supporting constructions
    • Other specialist devices for food industry
  • TIG welding services


    TIG welding services and orbital welding.

  • Installations from stainless steel

  • Tanks welding


    Tanks welding from stainless steel.

  • Projects management


    Planning, scheduling, implementation and control of tasks needed to achieve project goals.

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